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Danny couldn't help but feel a little bit offended at 'not a credible threat.' He was a footballer, for fuck's sake, he was totally a credible threat. Not that he wanted to murder anyone—fuck, he didn't even want to think about that—but… come on, he was totally credible.

Even so, he slowly reached out and likely shook Audrey's hand.

“Uh. Danny Brooks? Better-looking twin of Jacob Brooks?”

Long-running joke that probably wasn't funny any more, used whenever he met someone that might know Jacob and didn't know him (which wasn't much, Jacob wasn't the social type.) But it clicked suddenly that Jacob had been going on the other science trip. He wasn't here. Danny felt the first bit of relief he'd felt since he woke up. God, he could not have dealt with that.

Audrey was babbling about stuff she'd done and about alliances and stuff. Danny wasn't sure if he wanted in on that. Sandy had already made him nearly shit himself, and there was nowhere he could get new pants here if it happened for real. And Audrey… well, he didn't know Audrey. If it'd been one of his friends, he'd be all signed on. But… well, he wasn't—

And Sandy was swearing at them and leaving, okay.

“Yep. The nicest of guys,” Danny said in a fake cheery tone.

And then coughing. And before Danny could even think about hiding or the fact that his weapon was near the door and out of his hands—shitty weapon it was, but it was his only weapon—Sandy had opened the door.

“...Oh, hey, it's, uh...” Danny paused for a moment. For some reason, he couldn't remember the guy's first name. “It's Vacanti. The guy from Vacanti's.” He didn't know if that made the guy trustworthy or not but it was information that Danny associated with good things.

Mostly with food. Damn, he could go for some nice food.
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