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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Island Pacifism brigade gooooo!" Jerry cheered. "If you're violent, we will come and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU! Quite frankly, I'm in love with the concept. Good plan. Glad I came up with it."

Jerry strolled past Ben... then abruptly turned and jogged back to his pack, scooping it up. "Whoospies, almost forgot this!" Jerry mumbled, still at a volume that Ben and the cameras could easily hear, whether he intended for that or not. "Can't... uh, starve to death. That's kind of the pussy way out. It's like, how every one of my games of Oregon Trail ended and, damn it, it's not how this is ending too!" Seriously, stupid game. And what the hell was dysentery? Obviously a made-up disease just to fuck over the kids playing it. Maybe they forgot to program an ending to the game, and so they made it impossible to win.

"Bradley's fine, he's totally a chill guy," Jerry said with 100% certainty in his voice. "Definitely watch out for Caitlyn, though. Her and Darse. Dar-ay-us. Fuck that guy, got a stick up his ass with barbs on both ends."

Jerry raises a single finger, then pointed in a random direction.


((Jerry Fury, continued in Aaaaaand he's gone.))
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