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As Jasper and Henry walked ahead of him, Arthur took one last look at the fish circling around in the water below. They looked just as peaceful as they had before, content to swim in a circuit around the side of the docks. He smiled at their happiness, their purity. He wished he could be one of them, just for a little while, swimming around with nothing to worry about.

Jasper and Henry were good kids. He was glad he had run into such nice people early on. Arthur felt at ease, a momentary peace settling in his toes. He walked after them, eager to explore the storehouse ahead. No matter if there were other people waiting in the storehouse, weapons at the ready. Arthur knew that he'd be fine as long as he had friends at his side to watch his back.

The day had barely started, and already Arthur was feeling hopeful. He walked over to join his friends.

[Arthur Bernstein continued in Self Doubts and Hurricanes.]
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