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So Sandra left. Kimiko had expected it. She was also glad it had happened. Consoling the other girl wasn't something she wanted to do when she was having a stressful enough time figuring out what she wanted to do. As selfish as it sounded she didn't want to add someone else's problems onto that.

Instead Kimiko occupied herself with searching what the map told her was the vehicle depot. To say she didn't find anything useful would have been an understatement. The place had been scrubbed clean of anything that could have been considered remotely useful. There were no tools and nothing inside the vehicles themselves that would be useful. Instead all Kimiko found was dust and weeds, signs of a place long since abandoned. The only activity the place had seen in at least ten years was going to either be the terrorists or her classmates, at least that was her assumption.

Eventually Kimiko found herself back in the office rooting through the filing cabinet. There was nothing, which she had expected; searching the filing cabinet had been a long shot anyway. Then she looked up and saw what had been in front of her face all along.

The office window.

She could use the glass.

Picking up the chair that was at the desk Kimiko raised it and slammed it into the window...which didn't budge. Gritting her teeth Kimiko tried again, and again. Her commitment was rewarded with the sound of glass shattering. In the context she found herself in, it was like music to her ears. Dropping the chair to one side with a dull thud, Kimiko starting rooting around in her bag for her first aid kit, upon finding it she placed it on the desk and cracked it open. She knew exactly what she was looking for, this was why she had been so meticulous in looking through everything she had been given. She took a roll of bandages out and began looking through the shards she had made.

Her requirements for the shards she wanted were simple, they had to have a sharp edge for stabbing or slashing and preferably a wider base to give her something to hold onto. She was lucky enough to find exactly what she wanted. Carefully picking it up she bound the part she was using as her base in layers of the bandages she had been supplied with. Once she was done she had a weapon that was perfect for stabbing. She wasn't proud of the fact she had made it, but she needed something that wasn't the megaphone. There was another smaller piece that she also took and prepared. That one was stuffed in her bag.

As for what was left Kimiko systematically stomped on them until they had broken apart into smaller less usable pieces. She didn't want anyone else using the glass, she couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't use it to attack someone or for their own gain.

Once everything was done Kimiko allowed herself to sit on the chair, which she had needed to set up again, and take a drink of her water. She turned her makeshift dagger over in her hand contemplating what it meant for her.

After a while she left. She was no closer to figuring it out.

((G015 - Kimiko Kao continued in Prepare to Burn))
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