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Can you hear me?
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What was with Darius?

He took the phrase “knock yourself out” a bit too literally, didn't he? Well, not literally. But he just pantomimed the bottle knocking him out cold. Well, at least that was somewhat normal, she guessed? Okay, Junko smiled, yeah. He was just being weird, but that was better than... anything else, really. It was pretty normal for him, right?

She didn't think she had a reason to be scared of him, though. Hell, her, scared? Yeah, she knew fear, but she wasn't just going to break down crying because Darius was being weird. She wasn't that much of a wuss. She was brave, and strong. Even if Darius tried something, she could take him.

Junko leaned down to pick up her bat again, but the second she did, she heard a sound. Was that someone pouring something out? She looked up, and-

He was wasting her water.

He was wasting her water.

Her heart started racing. It was not fear. Years of athletic practice, of rollerblading, told her one thing. Water was important. She was pretty sure you could last for weeks without food. It'd suck, yeah, but you could last for a while. But water? Water you could last only a few days with. Pretty much every guide, every coach, everyone told you that water was vital. Hell, you didn't need to be an athlete to realize that.

And he just literally tossed it onto the ground.

Junko heard herself seethe. This was part of his plan, too. He'd wasted his own water, with this message-in-a-bottle bullshit. Which meant he had to waste hers, too. Where was she going to get more? She wasn't Bear Grylls or some shit, she didn't have that much knowledge on where to get water. An entire bottle, gone, because Darius was a dumbass.

She stood up. Her limbs shook. Her teeth grinded.

“You... asshole...”

She stomped forward, her bat in hand.

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