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Christ, she was really making a mess of this, wasn’t she?

Mia sat up and scooted backwards, resting her back against the cold bedroom wall, tucking her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. She had two reasons for doing so, both of which were obviously of equal importance. Her nose was still bleeding, and didn’t look like it was planning on slowing down any time soon. She hurriedly wiped the stream with her already blood-smeared arm, and pinched the bridge of her nose. She’d read horror stories about people with nose bleeds lying at awkward angles and having the blood run into their brain, or something like that. Probably an urban legend or something, but right now, Mia didn’t want to take any chances with anything related to ‘horrible gruesome death’.

The other reason was because she’d heard the trepidation in Candice’s voice, and knew instantly that she’d fucked up, again. She looked over at the other girl, feeling like there was a pit opening up underneath her heart. She certainly wished she could just disappear into a pit right now. It was so stupid, she hadn’t been thinking at all, just vocalising her thoughts. Now Mia was regretting thinking about it as well.

She couldn’t help but put herself in her parents’ shoes, or her siblings, or Nathan’s, or any of her other friends who had stayed behind in Kingman. She didn’t want any of them to watch her right now; she knew there were places online to find out what had happened to her on the island, she’d stumbled upon them herself when the previous version had been running. But nothing good would come of them watching her progress. Even if, by some miracle, she made it out of this shitshow alive, she was going to have to encounter death and tragedy at some point. It was inevitable, one way or another. Maybe she would cry. Maybe she would mess up even further. Maybe she’d sink her reputation so far into the gutter that no-one back home would want anything more to do with her.

But Mia knew that everyone she loved would do their best to try and find footage of her to make sure she was still holding on, and she’d have done the exact same damn thing.

“Hey, listen, I’m really sorry,” Mia mumbled, removing her hand from her nose and instead sniffling occasionally to try and halt the flow of blood. “About, like… everything so far. I’m not really sure where my mind is, right now. Everything’s all jumbled up and I can’t think straight. None of this feels real, like it’s just some horrible dream I’ll wake up from any moment now… maybe it’s better to think like that than to get numb to all of this, though.”

Mia chuckled ruefully, before studying Candice for a few moments, a gentle smile on her face. When she spoke, she chose her words carefully and slowly.

“You know… there’s no reason this can’t go the same way it did a few years back. Like, when a whole bunch of kids got rescued? It happened once, there’s no reason it can’t happen again, right? I know it’s a long shot, but…”

‘But so was our chances of getting chucked into this living hell,’ she wanted to say, but she knew that would go down like the Titanic.

“… but stranger things have happened. We’ve just gotta hold on.”

Mia forced a cheerful smile onto her face, which vanished almost instantaneously when she felt more warm blood touch her upper lip. Making a noise of supreme disgust, she wiped it away again – her arm was beginning to look pretty suspect now – before her expression changed yet again, this time to an apologetic side glance at Candice.

“Uh, could you grab some tissues or something from my bag? I think I brought a packet with me but there’s probably something useful in the first aid kit.”


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