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Barry didn't want Beaks and Scarlett to leave. He knew that they would be better off sticking together. However, Barry's plan of staying put and figuring things out conflicted with Beaks' desire to leave the area as soon as possible. He couldn't help but feel guilty as he watched Beaks and Scarlett leave. He felt as though there was more that he could do to keep them safe within their group, but he couldn't find any words to convince them as they walked away.

It certainly didn't help him feel any better when Jonathan immediately called them out on letting Beaks and Scarlett just leave like that. Barry had been thinking the exact same thing, but it somehow felt a thousand times worse when someone else was shouting it in shock. Sure, Jonathan apologized right after, but that didn't make it sting any less.

They needed a plan, and Barry needed to come up with something that would help all of them. He ran through a few different ideas in his head, trying to find one that would work out best for them, but kept finding flaws with whatever he thought up. He eventually came to the conclusion that he should just try to keep it simple for now, and branch off from there.

"All right, I have an idea." He declared to his two remaining companions. "We've gotta know what we're dealing with here, so I think we should check our supplies so we know what we have on hand. Plus, knowing what our weapons are will probably make u a little less nervous. After that, we can try to find Beaks and Scarlett again."

He gave a hopeful look to Jonathan and Tina and waited for a response.
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