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Can you hear me?
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“Bart? Is that you?”

Jennifer sighed in relief. She was still pretty damn angry. Furious, even. But to know it was Bart? That helped somewhat. For a moment, Jennifer wondered if it was some kind of trick. Oh, I was just looking at all the pictures, psyche I'm going to kill you, she guessed. But his rough shape had its arms up. His voice stammered. If anything, she startled him.

“Bart, it's Jennifer. Wallace, not Su. Don't worry, I'm not killing. I'm just really p-”

She cut herself off, and started again.

“I'm just really upset.”

She stepped to the doorway, and yes, the smell confirmed it. It was Bart. She couldn't help but remember that one day at the museum. Did he still have hard feelings about her behavior there? Normally the concern there would be upsetting someone. But for all she knew, he could... do something. Find a reason to kill her. He didn't seem armed, but you never know.

Her hand held onto the door's frame as she looked outside. She saw his face within a heartbeat. You could tell the man was scared out of his wits.

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