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While Johnny's metaphor was...colorful, it did convey the point. The room was cold, damp and musty, and the tubs of water did not look appealing, or sanitary. Perhaps moving on would be better than staying here.

These two seemed confident, Alice wondered how much of it was bravado. Surely they couldn't be this sure that they'd beat this organization? The group had been doing this for almost a decade, and the last incident had gone off with no rescues or survivors beyond the 'winner'. If they were going to live, Alice doubted it'd be the acts of teenagers that would save them.

Still, no point further arguing. Johnny seemed enthusiastic about Raina's potential, and though Alice didn't know the other girl very well, she seemed to be reasonably intelligent. She'd not run into anyone else thus far, so perhaps people might not be as violent as she'd expected, at least not right away. The 24-hour deadline would change that, most likely. Though Alice was pretty sure they'd never acted on it before, if nobody ended up dying they'd probably kill at least some people, even if they didn't blow up the entire class.

Besides, what was the worst that could happen? If they wanted to kill her, she'd already be dead.

"Alright..." Alice quirked an attempt at a smile, without much success. "If you guys really want my company, I'll come along." She stepped out of the room and held the door open for Raina and Johnny.
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