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“Nah man, I woke up somewhere else in the building, walked around for a while, then found Pop Idol in here.” Vanessa replied, taking a seat on the coffee table opposite Jae. “We hadn’t really been talking that long before you showed up. I figured I’d finally got her to calm down, but I guess you freaked her out, so smooth move.” She smirked at Jae as she said the last bit, still trying to keep the mood from becoming overwhelmingly bleak.

What he’d said about Alvaro was not sitting well with her at all, though. Nancy had already been acting pretty loopy, though Vanessa could hardly judge if that was normal for the ditzy idol, and she’d had a hatchet with her. Had Vanessa avoided being in a similar position to Jae, if not worse? Who knew where the line lay for everyone else? That point where, if pushed beyond it by something like terrorists sticking a bomb on your neck and saying it’s time to go on a rampage, they’d happily oblige?

She put her head in her palm, letting out a deep groan.

She didn’t think Cams was going to fall for that. Yeah, Cams did not handle stress well at all, but she wasn’t ever the type to deliberately hurt people. Sure, she fucked Vanessa off at times, but that was just part of being BFFs; there was a difference between stabbing someone in the back by hiring a replacement singer, and literally stabbing someone in the back with a butcher’s knife. Like it or not, however, she knew that didn’t mean the rest of her classroom chums would be so civil at all.

It was better not to think about it just yet, she decided.

“This is pretty fucked up right here.” She had to say, though.

It was a little bit awkward, watching Jae try to play doctor on his hand whilst she sat there without a word. She decided not to be a dick about it, and instead pitch in.

“Here, let me help you with that.”
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