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Trav contemplated what Cass had said. Even though he hardly knew her, Cass' acceptance of his dream and reassurance that there was nothing wrong with it was comforting. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because they were a stranger and they accepted it. Normally you got that sort of unquestioning faith out of friends and family, when Trav thought about it, the idea that people could just support you without knowing you was a big deal.

He could appreciate Cass' dream as well. They both shared a similar idea, except Trav's art was based around the violence he inflicted upon other people. To that end he probably considered Cass' dream a more noble effort. She wanted to make something other people could get appreciation out of. Anyone who wanted to create something for the purpose of other peoples enjoyment was alright by Trav. Maybe some people would think that the idea of making something that people remembered was a little egotistical but Trav assumed that deep down all artists were kind of in it for that part too.

"That sounds pretty cool. Art tends to be remembered for hundreds of years after all. So people would be getting enjoyment out of it even after we're gone."

Smooth Trav. Smooth.
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