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Jasper couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky: he’d run into two friends right off the bat, and they all agreed to stick together. He hoped they’d run into others, people like Abby and Nate and Caedyn: good friends he wanted to see before...well, before he died.

There was always the possibility that he wouldn’t die, though. Jasper remembered the big rescue back in 2008, when roughly thirty kids made it out of SOTF alive. It hadn’t happened again in 2012, but there was always the chance that the rescuers would repeat their stunt here. Jasper hoped it would, but if it didn’t, if he was going to die...well, Jasper didn’t want to think about that. Besides, there were more pressing matters.

They needed twine for fishing.

((Jasper Bustamante continued in Self Doubts and Hurricanes))

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