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The 'plan' had gotten at least two eyebrows worth of Fury's attention. And at least two cents. Oddly enough, worth the advertised price. Shit, was everything so fucked up now that it was Jerry Fury who would also be filling in the blanks in Ben's plans? Kinda vague, yeah. Really fucking gay too, and Ben wasn't touching on that any further. But crazy thing, it all sounded pretty solid, at least looked liked it could hold up at a glance. Keep the peace, whether other people wanted them to or not. Made sense, even historically. There were times that the MLK approach'd work, but this wasn't one of those fucking times was it? More Malcolm X, Ben figured. If the terrorists wanted them to be violent, these two dudes could be that. But one thing those dudes would never be taking? Names. Ben Fields, Jerry Fury, those syllables would never be escaping the pasty lips of a terrorist as long as...

'Name a fucking plan that survived contact with the enemy.'

Well. It was 'who dares wins', right? Nothing else to do but to get down to it. And wipe the perspiration off his brow a bit. Shit was glistening all ugly for the cameras. Ben hadn't realized he had been sweating, but today seemed to be the day he was constantly learning new things. Too many for his liking. And here he'd thought they'd at least been 'blessed' with no school.

"Yeah dude, that sounds exactly like a good plan. Make a mess so nobody else can, or something like that." Ben creaked out of his stance, all slow like. Mortal danger was hard ass work. One thing no amount of shooting with Will and reading could have prepared him for, seemed. Ben hadn't even actually gotten into a fight and he was already feeling the post-adrenaline aches insistently yanking bones from the socket. But as long as he still had feet that could move him forward...

"Who do you think's gonna be a problem here?" Hopefully that was a question Jerry could answer smart as he had the others. Even out his extant record and all. "Caedyn, Fiyori, Bradley, that one girl with the anger issues and the eyepatch, probably that trash ass Micheal... Shit. We'd better get a move on."
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