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"Nah, nah it's easy. So uh... it goes like this. You give me something, then I give you something. Then I let you pass, and you let me pass."

She paused a moment. Kaitlyn Greene didn't get headaches easily or often. Maybe because she wasn't usually stressed out. Headaches were usually just caused by stress, right? And what was there to be stressed about? She had her life, and she thought it was kinda fucking awesome. So the jagged pain edging through the left side of her head right now was bugging her a bit. She blinked it into the background.

"Yeah, I guess it's kinda self-explanatory," she finished.

The other girl was clearly already breaking. Winding down, a cheap toy running out of battery life. A voice with no life behind it and no fight and nothing Kaitlyn could really respect. She glanced at the other girl's bag and wondered if she should ask her name.

"How bout one of your protein bars?"

Kaitlyn was touched by her own benevolence.

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