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So on the positive side of things, Sam wasn't going to shoot Rene in the face, at least not immediately. Given the circumstances, she was willing to take whatever she could get in terms of good news. Come to think of it, did she even know what her weapon was? No, no she did not. Rene made a mental note to check that out at some point. That was probably important if she wanted to get a leg up on the whole "not dying" thing.

Wait a moment... oh fuck, did she hear mumbling? Apparently Sam heard it too, since he was looking that direction as well. As far as Rene was concerned, there were only two explanations for quiet, unexplained voices in creepy-as-hell buildings. The first was that there was some creepy guy hiding away who is all set to reenact a slasher flick once the unsuspecting teenagers happen upon him. The other possibility, of course, was ghosts. Since Rene had doubts about the supernatural significance of the island, she was leaning more towards the first option.

Since Sam seemed to be of the notion that they should stay the hell away from whoever was sharing he hall with them, Rene took that as evidence that he was thinking pretty much the same thing. She couldn't argue with that. She just gave a nod and a thumbs up accompanied by a response. "Stay away from the creepy voice behind the door. Gotcha. Any other plans for the time being?"
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