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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don’t Live at All))

The journey down had surprisingly been harder than the one up.

He could mostly see the reasons as to why, though. The height, mostly. Well, really, the height was the only part. It didn’t strain him physically at all and it didn’t look like the walk down would take forever or anything. No, it was only because he had to look down and whoaaaaaaaa that was a long way down if he fell. Kinda put him a little on edge, especially considering that the stairs now seemed to creak like, every fifth step he took. Probably not a sign that he could have fallen through them, but that wasn’t really something he wanted to think about at the time. Falling didn’t really seem like a particularly fun way to die, especially right after he had actually figured things out for himself. It’d be sorta ironic, yeah, but it’d be the sort of thing that was funny for everyone but himself. And really, to Jeremy, his fun was the only person’s fun that mattered. For now, anyway.

He managed to get down, though. It wasn’t really the fastest or the funnest process but he made it down (at that point). Just kinda chilling against a wall, for the most part. Below the stairs. He figured that if someone came into the centre of the room he could step out and maybe surprise them. It looked cool in his head, and maybe it’d give him a fun reaction, so he didn’t see any real problem with it.

The first person to come in went straight up the stairs, without even seeing Jeremy.

He looked up.

He had to go back up the stairs again, didn’t he?


So he went. Back up the stairs. He knew that this would result in him having to go back down the stairs again but whatever, he stayed here for the sole purpose of seeing who came so he was going to put it on himself to see who came; so eventually he reached the top. It wasn’t as easy as the first time, but this time he didn’t have a fall down to make him worry, so he figured that it was probably easier than the first trip down, at the very least. The pleasantness of it could be at a low, but in terms of difficulty it was probably in the middle, somewhere.

The girl up top was someone he sorta knew. Nancy. She was into Japan. Jeremy didn’t know much more than that, and he wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or a sorta neutral thing. Maybe he’d find out soon enough.

“I’m guessing you’re up here because you heard the bell?”
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