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The chills on his back started to crawl upward.

Like electricity flowing through a cable, his spine conducted the bugs up to his brain, passing through his stomach, lungs, heart, neck, collar, mouth and, finally, reaching their final destination. The bugs spread around his brain, hitting themselves against the skull, knocking cells around and devouring his thoughts. The invaders finally attacked the central command of Jerry starting with the brain stem, eating their way through his fleshy yet so yummy brain. There was a frenzy, then nothing for a second.

He became numb.

They just stayed up there, waiting. They looked through Jerry's eyes, listened through Jerry's ears, felt through Jerry's skin, and they studied. Despite rampaging through his body and sending shocks in every corner of his body, Jerry wasn't dead. He still needs to breath, sleep, eat. But something somewhere changed, whether in his DNA or chemicals in his brain, he became someone else. He was a puppet, the puppet master being those insidious thoughts and the string being his emotions.

For a moment, he zoned out as the words echoed in his head.

He tried to swallow away the bugs, to drown them, to kill them, but they were still there. He killed one and ten were given birth by the echoing voice in his head. No matter what he did or thought about, they still crawled. He felt them crawling in his veins, crawling in his arteries, crawling in his capillaries, crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling.

He opened his mouth, the bugs almost escaped, they were craving for that moment, but he sewed his mouth back shut. These thoughts, this pain, this thing inside of him needed to stay there. He needed to contain and lock it in. The urge of vomiting these monsters was becoming unbearable, however. He felt them gathering in his throat, forming a knot, resisting against their host.

They needed to escape to spread their eggs. They had to make sure their spawn will live because they knew their host was dying. Not yet, but one day, he will be. He'll simply fade away, and if they stayed stuck in inside of him, how will the next generation of parasite will exist? Who will spread their deadly traditions? They couldn't stay here forever, they had to find a way out. So they fought, spreading the knot, making it impossible to swallow. They made a stone in his stomach, and Jerry felt like puking it out. They let the mercury flow inside of him, making him heavy and slow. They tied his feet to cement blocks. They gently pushed him toward the ed-

He gave up, and let the flies escape.

"You can count on me."
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