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((Nancy Kyle continued from デビュー.))

Nancy had just stepped onto the landing of the first floor when she'd heard the bell.

Nancy was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, so she looked around her before sneaking out the back door of the asylum and looking up at the bell tower.

"Nancy-chan's... going to get a better view," she said, to no one, "Stay tuned, minna-san."

She entered the bell tower and began to climb, not being particularly careful or quiet. She looked up the whole way, until she eventually made it to the top.

There it was. The bell. She contemplated ringing it again, but decided against it and sat down against one of the walls of the belfry. She placed the hatchet down beside her, and breathed in deeply, looking out to the island.

It was a moment of calm, and Nancy decided it would be best to savor it, before someone else came barging in.

Because that's just what she'd come to expect.
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