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Maybe Lili judged wrongly.

She looked at Asuka and assumed that she was of a certain type, a certain belonging of people who felt like Lili felt, who saw things how Lili saw them. But Lili had gone about it wrong, because Asuka was defending who Lili called the plastic people, and honestly it was kind of inspiring to see her open up a little about how she felt. Asuka was more well-spoken than she had earlier let on. She wasn't plastic, but she wasn't un-plastic, either. She didn't fit Lili's preconception of a narrative about those in the know and out of it. Asuka was a new kind of variable.

"I get that it's not fair," Lili said, admitting some fault, "to judge without the whole story. I can only really speak from my own personal experience here, but I've just always been judged just as unfairly, if not way more. I've just always been the weird one for what I like, and I guess, sorta deep down, I kinda resent the more mainstream for that. Maybe plastic wasn't the right word for it." Lili folded her hands down at her waist, intertwining her fingers into each other. She wanted to try and steer the conversation right again, but she knew that was exactly what she was thinking when she made her comment about the plastic people.

"School hasn't been good so far," Lili let out, almost without thinking, "Like, at all. I don't have many friends, and everything just feels so roundabout all the time. I guess that's just...sort of where I'm coming from, here. I guess I'm also here to get away from life a bit, probably more than just a little bit." Lili folded her arms across her chest and gazed down at her shoes. Her laces had come loose, bunching up in the air just slightly above the tops of her shoes, but she wasn't going to reach down and pull them back together just yet.

Behind her, several stagehands went on stage and began to test the instruments, tuning and checking the noise levels on each one. The sound man at his booth in the back of the room listened in on headphones as they checked the microphones, adjusting the faders and knobs on his mixing console as he needed to. The concert was just several minutes away from starting, only slightly off schedule. Lili took a glance over her shoulder, and a twinge of excitement came back to her. She remembered why she was here in the first place, to see the band, but was that really the only reason why she was here?

"Maybe we can talk about this a bit more up front," Lili suggested, looking up from her untied shoelaces, "It looks like it'll be starting soon."
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