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Scarlett was trying hard to blink away her tears and she then wiped at them with the back of one of her hands. She sniffed a little. She didn't want Aiden to see her like this. She wanted to be strong. Be positive. Hope that they would be saved by someone. But she had that gut feeling that it wasn't going to happen. Or that it would be too late for all of them. Except for one person. Who would be completely messed up by everyone else dying. She couldn't bear the thought. What if her friends were already dead?

Scarlett let out a surprised gasp as Aiden touched her shoulders from behind and she wanted to pull away. But she didn't. Because she kind of trusted him not to harm her. She couldn't see him hurting her. She had witnessed what happened between him and Bradley. But that didn't matter anymore. That was in the past. Then she heard his strange nickname for her. She remembered when he first called her that when they were looking for a puzzle for him when they were at her home. She had laughed because she thought it was cute. She still thought that it was cute now.

Then he was hugging her. She didn't suspect Aiden to do that. But it felt a bit nice. Scarlett was always the type of girl who was up for hugs. She normally liked doing surprise hugs to other people. So she thought that it was funny that Aiden was doing the same to her. She was making sure to listen to what he was saying to her. She didn't want to be rude and interrupt him from trying to comfort her. She felt guilty for making him sad as well. He was obviously trying to make her see that all of this wasn't real. It was still so hard for her to believe his words. Aiden wanted her to trust him. She wanted to. She really, really wanted to. Maybe she could try for a while. Until.... Until Aiden saw the truth of what was happening to them.

Scarlett didn't pull out of Aiden's hug and she just turned around slowly to face him. She give him a wobbly smile and she shook her head slightly. It felt so odd to be comforted by Aiden. Maybe she could get more used to him. "You don't have to apologize to me, Aiden. I was just panicking and I didn't mean to act like that. I'm sorry to have worried you like that. Really, I am." Scarlett was being somewhat truthful with him and she was making eye contact with him. Aiden really felt like a brother to her in an unusual way. "I do trust you, Aiden. I think we will get out of here together. I just hope that we are not lost. I really don't want to stay here for too long."
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