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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben had to tilt his head up a bit, flex tension into the back of his neck. For a moment, just that. Then. Tension followed elsewhere everywhere, when Jerry was suddenly presenting an offensive shoulder. Presenting a hand coming out of pocket. Ben's eyes swiveled, inch by painful inch, to track those hairy-ass knuckles... No knife. Had been a good eons worth of split second where Ben had been prepared to... Hm. Run? Punch? Piss himself? No way he'd been prepared to find out which thing he would have done. Didn't matter anyways, he'd somehow actually pulled it off. Kept the knife out of his innards where it definitely wouldn't have fit. He could exhale now.

Hadn't even realized he'd been holding a breath in the first place. It escaped into the ether, quietly hissing through clenched teeth.

'Nobody saw it'? Cold metal body of lens and aperture disagree with you on that one, Fury. Only a dumbass brought up points after the case was already won though. Ben had already said enough. Well, almost.

"I've seen clips, dude." Be the man, huh? Had definitely almost become some kinda 'man'. Jerry probably needed to reevaluate his role models. Whatever amount of days Jerry had left on this Earth to mull that one over. Hopefully a bunch of 'em, but who the fuck knew that? If Jerry had only been disarmed by the flayed skin of Ben's teeth, the legit shitstains on humanity were definitely...

"But yeah, I hear ya. Just glad Fury's on our side." Ben almost went for the back slap. Fuck it, shove some cleats on and they were back on Sumac after a drill. But that wasn't quite where they were. So Ben's hand stayed where it belonged. Where he could quickly use it. Just in case.

"We just gotta... I dunno. Keep people alive." That was it. The 'plan'. Current track record aside, maybe this one wouldn't immediately crumple the moment something breathed it's way. "That's where I'm going to be. Not in some hole."
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