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His legs were still aching, his head was still a mess, and if he had been by himself, he would have been quite willing to just collapse back onto the ground and stay there for a good long time.

He still wanted to. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wanted to find his own little corner to be alone in.

But Hazel's comments had somehow pushed that away.

Jordan was rarely comfortable with compliments of any sort. He was never sure what to do when people complimented his grades, and even less sure when it came to his writing. And he wasn’t as smart or as nice as people sometimes said he was, he just had a habit of not blurting out every stupid thought that came to mind. As often as not he was annoyed by them, especially when they came from people he barely knew projecting their inability to do something onto him.

But seeing him as a runner? Lanky, clumsy and generally unfit Jordan Green as a guy doing sportsy stuff? The sheer ridiculousness of that was enough to send Jordan into a fit of laughter.

“Oh gods, I can’t actually run. Not well at least.”

It felt wrong. As if he wasn’t supposed to be smiling on this island. As if everything needed to be serious and grim and dark on this island. But for once he was too tired to let the negative thoughts intrude, not the other way around for once.

“But, yeah. Living sounds good,” Jordan replied. He knew what surviving on this island meant, even if Hazel didn’t mean it that way. But it still seemed like a reasonable aspiration. Not dying that is.

He stared out at the sky for a second. The island seemed almost serene right now. Perhaps in another time, in another life, this might have been a nice place to be.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve seen the ocean.”
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