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"Yeah, sounds like bells."

Bells? Yeah. Perhaps, that was a sign for the announcement the terrorists told them about. They did not sound like school bells. But bells were bells. But no announcement came. Luckily. Alessio did not want to hear announcements. He did not want to know who died. He did not want to know if Vanessa died.

Alessio put his hands into his hoodie. He thought about nothing. Looking over the ground, staring at his bag. He had his stuff. Right there. Next to it, the pole. Should he pick it up? Yes. It is better to take everything you can take. Just like in video games. Take everything, loot everything, inventory management, don't waste anything. Productivity. He knew that in the end his productivity would not matter at all. He could not be materialistic when he was about to have an awful fate. But it was something he had to do, if he wanted to help himself and Serena. He bend over to pick up his bag and weapon. He checked the insides of the bag. It had his rubik's cube.

A good way to distract himself.

He put his magic cube into his hoodie pocket, slung the bag over his shoulder and leaned the pole against the book shelves. Serena knew what was happening. She had a plan. She had good news. He was ready. He wanted to be ready.

"What now?", he asked in a silent voice. A silent voice that seemed so loud due to the emptiness of the room.

Al felt a bit more secure, ready. Not smiling, not seeming happy, still down. But, he had Serena. His worrying thoughts went away, or at least he tried to ignore them. His thoughts were not isolated with himself. Focus. Focus, Al. Man the fuck up. Al looked at Serena. Straight into her eyes.
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