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Inspired by swirly's v5 Grand Map of Doom, this is an infographic that keeps track of characters and threads. I actually had a half-assed version of my own somewhere before this, so I quickly adapted the format to produce something that is quite similar in style to the original Grand Map of Doom.

Each post is represented a white circle on the character line while threads are a series of parallel lines close to each other, with thread titles in blue somewhere above them. Thread title placement is somewhat inconsistent admittedly and has basically been somewhere above the thread lines where they can fit.

Several grey lines have been added to help designate where areas start and end. Another set of small grey lines represent characters who have heard the bell. Hopefully these will join up over time without hassle.

An attempt is made to ensure that some chronology and continuity is kept, so the horizontal axis represents a weird mix of real time and IC time.

This is of course still a work in progress, a lot of things need cleaning up and there are some things on the chart that are placeholders. I will also be adding handler colours in a later edition, but I just wanted to get this out here first.

Small version for ants is here

UPDATED TO: 21st Jan 2017

Another version at a much more readable 200% size is here.

To those of you who want to claim a handler colour (the colour that you characters will be coloured in on the chart), please do so in this thread/PM me, but let's try to keep it to something visible on white.

Claimed Colours

If any of you spot any typos or any other mistakes, do feel free to inform me.
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It's the Grand Map of Doom! v6
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