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As her breathing steadied and the shock wore off, Bridgette sized Joshua up. He’d apologized for crying, and offered to leave her alone if she wanted. For a moment, the corners of her lips turned upwards. He was always so considerate, even in a situation like this. It reminded Bridgette of why she liked him so much. Back then, at least.

The smile left as quickly as it came, though, and she thought about his offer. Her initial reaction would’ve been a strong no. Her instincts told her to stay away from others, to avoid potentially dangerous people. But Bridgette was a social creature, and her sanity might not last long if she flew solo. Besides, Joshua wasn’t much of a threat - she doubted that he had it in him.

Before she could reply, however, another voice called out. Bridgette tensed up again as her eyes darted to the door. She’d seen the boy before, in the halls between classes and at lunch. She never learned his name, though.

The mysterious boy said hi. Bridgette took a step back and didn’t bother replying.

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