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"It's called toll booth."

Why had Lili thought that it would go smoothly? Why did she assume that she'd be able to normally pass somebody by, say hello, and keep walking? This was Spiderland now, for Pete's sake. She'd came up with the name herself, and she knew perfectly well that there was no way that somewhere called fucking Spiderland was going to turn out normal, especially not when it was host to Survival of the fucking Fittest. Lili cursed herself for making such an obvious mistake. For letting her guard down. For thinking it could be normal.

First, the tall, hawkish girl had responded normally. She had remarked at the bell, like a normal person, saying she might check it out, but then she had broken down with laughter. Was she mocking Lili? Almost certainly. Nerves? Really? If anybody was going to succumb to nerves, it was going to be Lili. This girl, this self proclaimed toll booth attendant, could crush Lili in moments. In just a few seconds, Lili would be thrown off of the bridge and into the waters below, to be scattered across the rocks.

Toll booth. She wasn't a scared stranger, no, but she sure was dangerous. Lili tensed up, tightening her grip around the nightstick. By the sound of the name, Lili figured that the Attendant planned on making her pay to get to the other side of the bridge. The Attendant probably wanted some of her rations, or her weapon, or something like that. Lili didn't want to part with any of her belongings yet. She had already consumed almost an entire tin of crackers earlier, so she wanted to hold on to anything else as best she could. Still, judging on the Attendant's posture, the way she spoke, and the way she rolled her neck, Lili decided that, at least for the time being, it would be wise to play along as best she could.

Lili sighed, and looked at the Attendant. "Alright," Lili said, exhausted, "You want to play a game? Sure. Toll booth, huh? Fine. How do I play this game of yours?"

Spot the rot, they told the tot, while feeding her some say.
~~~~~ "We were wrecks before we crashed into each other."




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