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Asian. Small. Must be a junior, cause Kaitlyn didn't have the first clue who the hell she was. Most importantly, the other girl veered off. She gave Kaitlyn the middle lane. That was every fucking thing Kaitlyn Greene need to know about her, right there. Oh, and she had a baton or something. That was cute.

And as the other girl stepped aside, Kaitlyn started to pass her, wondering what exactly she should be saying, cause she was still thinking about that. The girl muttered a half-hearted greeting, and Kaitlyn stopped. She tapped her foot on the ground a couple times and made up her mind what to say, when the bell rang.

It was far away, but the sound still reverberated. Weak, but impressive for the distance, the soundwaves rolled over Kaitlyn and presumably the other girl like the last remnants of dying rainstorm, and Kaitlyn squinted in the distance at first, looking at the tower. It rose up impassive.

Kaitlyn backed up a step and looked sideways at the other girl.

"Yeah. Uh... maybe I'll go see who it was."

Then she took a couple more steps back, until she was back in front of the girl, looking towards the eastern edge of the bridge. Kaitlyn stared at her a moment, and then the half-smile grew up into into a short half-burst of laughter. Well, that probably didn't look great.

"Sorry!" she said right afterwards. "Sorry, like... nerves, you know? it's just weird."

She looked at the girl once more, and then she knew. For this moment, at least. What to say.

"Hey. This... this doesn't work. You get it? We can't just pass like this."

No. Because of the aliens. Because of the zombies. Survival of the Fittest, of all the fucking things in the world. Because you never knew what you were gonna do, and if you said you were, you're a damn liar. And Kaitlyn was no different. Kaitlyn didn't know what she was going to do before she woke up and faced it straight on. But she did know what other people would assume she'd do. She'd thought about that for the past hour or so. You wanna make her prove it? Go to every other kid here, every one, ask them to make a list. "Top Ten Kids Most Likely to Go Psycho Crazy in SOTF." Not that Kaitlyn could guarantee she'd make every list or anything. But when you added it up, she knew there'd be a group of kids that popped up again and again on a list like that.

Yeah. She knew.

"So you wanna play a game?"

Kaitlyn dropped the two bags she'd been carrying and rolled her neck.

"It's called toll booth."
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