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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry's jaw worked as he stared at Ben, obviously thinking about what to say next.

Shit. That was actually a pretty good question, wasn't it?

"... I don't know." Jerry pulled his right foot back and brought his shoulder with it, standing almost completely perpendicular to Ben now. His hand removed itself from his pocket and the heated palm of his hand thumped against his forehead, a few beads of sweat in-between pressed and flattened until they leaked out the side of his hand.

"Shit... what was I even saying?" Jerry asked himself. "Just kinda... slipped out, y'know? For a moment there, I was just rearing and ready to go, all hot-shit to be the number one player of the game. Dirtiest player of the game, Ric Flair. You ever watch-... who am I kidding, you don't."

Jerry drew his hand over the top of his head. "Maaaaaaaaaan, I feel like an idiot. Let's just forget that happened, huh? Nobody saw it."
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