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Isabel glanced between Clarice and Maria as she listened to them speak.

Isabel didn't know what to think about the plan Clarice suggested. Try to gather everyone together and make a stand to not fight? There are only two outcomes to this kind of thing. Either the group gets together and then they get slowly picked off by the students that are okay with killing until the group dwindles or scatters, or they manage to get everyone together and then after a day goes by where nobody kills anyone else, everyone goes boom. Everyone from their class dies.

Isabel sat in silent contemplation. Isn't everyone dying objectively worse than one person being able to survive the ordeal? Sure they'd be going along with what the terrorists want... but isn't that still better than trying to take a stand and having everyone die when it could've otherwise been averted, at least for one person? Isabel never thought that those people under oppressive regimes who tried to peacefully protest and then got themselves killed were right. She just thought they were stupid. Better to do something else, anything else, than just stand there and get killed like lambs to the slaughter.

Isabel shook her head, she might as well weigh in. "No, Maria. I think Clarice will ultimately get exactly what she wants if she rings the bell in the bell tower." Isabel stood up and dusted herself off, while she continued talking. "Sure the crazies might come too... but it's the first day. We all know that people do snap when they're put in this game, we've all seen SOTF on the news... but people still take time to snap."

Isabel adjusted her posture and stuck her flail in her pocket. "The earlier she does it, the better." Isabel picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "That being said... I'm not interested. Maybe I'll show up at some point, but for now... I think I need some time to think about everything."

With that, Isabel turned away from the group and walked off. She didn't want to be around them anymore.

Did Isabel actually mean anything she just said? No, of course not. She thought Clarice's ideas were too idealistic and ultimately misguided. Even if her idea did work out the way she wanted it to, everyone would just die anyway. There was no real point to it beyond sending a message. What would that message even be? Killing is wrong? Everyone already knows that already. Everyone gets told that all the time when they're young.

And it doesn't stop people from doing it anyway.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Rückenfigur))
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