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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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(GMing approved)

Nadia looked at the picture on the camera. It was kind of cool, almost like she and Rod were being abducted by aliens or something. It was definitely something she would play with when she got home.

"Looks good," she said to Rod. "The next one won't strain your eyes as much. Okay, so turn to your side. We're going to hug for this next one. Kind of like that Woodstock picture. You can keep your eyes closed the whole time."

Nadia set the timer, then quickly ran over to Rod. She threw her arms around his torso and laid her head against his chest. She kept her eyes closed, but her head facing towards the car. She could feel the warmth radiating off his chest and could swear she might have heard his heartbeat if that wasn't the rumbling of his car. In a few seconds, she heard the beeping sound of the camera, and then she knew the picture was taken.

But even she was fine staying in this embrace for a few seconds more.
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