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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba could see the girl wasn't doing well. The girl didn't even bother taking her clothes back, just her glasses, before sitting down on the beach. Alba wanted to ask about the clothes, but the girl started rambling about the horror of their situation. Alba could do nothing but slowly nod along as the girl talked about how they were likely to die in the next few days along with their friends and then be forgotten. Alba could start to feel a sinking in her stomach as well.

The girl was right, wasn't she? Alba was likely going to die here. She hadn't even turned seventeen yet, and she was going to die as part of some evil game. She was't going to play golf professionally, or go to college, nor would she see her little siblings grow up. All that would remain were the memories of those who were alive back home, all her social media accounts, and whatever she did here from the footage being recorded.

Alba shook her head. She couldn't think like that, and neither could this girl. Alba crouched down on the sand next to the sobbing girl, carefully holding the girl's clothes in her hands so they wouldn't get wet.

"Hey, hey, hey," Alba said. "Nothing's guaranteed yet. Maybe we'll find some friends with good weapons to protect us. Or maybe we'll get rescued like that one game. I mean, that was, what, 2007? 2008? Maybe the government knows what to do now that these games have happened enough. They could be coming for us right as we speak. Like, with jets and aircraft carriers and helicopters and such."

Alba cleared her throat.

"But if it means anything, I'd be willing to help you out while we're here. I mean, us girls gotta stick together, right?"
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