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"...yeah, I know."

She was right. Sort of. Ty was her friend. He really was, but Ty, too, had made his enemies. He had problems, that was true. He still had some of them, even in the present. It wasn't as if he didn't try to better himself. No, if anything, Fiyori had to compliment his drive to become a better person. A person who controlled his own ire. But the truth was that she, and she, and he were on this 'Survival of the Fittest'.

Fiyori didn't want to think or say that the stress of the island would inevitably undo all the work he did on himself. Not that she was deluding herself, thinking that her classmates were the ones to be above it all. And it was also a truth that even those who were meek or mellow or kind in school were just as susceptible to break and start skewering their classmates.

Yet, Fiyori could understand GLD's concern. And she agreed. Not because she was afraid of her own safety. Or because she was concerned for GLD's. Simply, because there was nothing to be won by disagreeing at that very moment. Whether she would still hold to Georgia Lee if it came down to it later on was a completely different question. Fiyori would see how she answered it then.

She sat down again, scratching her chin. She gave GLD another anticipating look, but she wasn't sure what she anticipated.

"But at least we talked about it, right? It's what they all say, communication's important in a relationship."
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