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Carving the names into the table had been hard work. Georgia Lee’s hand hurt, and she wiped it on the hem of her dress. Standing, stretching her back and ignoring the girl’s barbs, she peered over at Fiyori’s list.

One of the names on the list of people she trusted was on Georgia Lee’s own list. Three more were people she liked, and didn’t have a problem with, and another three she barely knew. The last name, though, was an issue. Georgia Lee tapped it with a finger

“Fiyori that’s… mmhmm, no,” she shook her head, “that’s not going to work. Look, I know you know him, I know you’re friends, but… I mean he’s unstable, right?”

Georga Lee was doing her best to be diplomatic. From what she’d heard, Ty Yazzie was more than simply unstable; the boy was borderline psychotic.

“Everyone else here, on this list… I mean you’re taller than all of them, and they’re… I know Alice. I know Aiden. I know Enzo, y’know, they’re reasonable people. If we get Ty in here, and he loses control, and he will lose control because even normal people lose control in this… situation, I mean… what can we do?”

Ty was a giant, a caricature of a “dangerous youth” with his mohawk and his piercings and his tattoos and his coke-can skin. Georgia Lee had witnessed his rage first hand once before, when he’d practically cornered her in the library after she’d noted how loud he was being. He hadn’t done anything there, but that was in a room full of people in an ordinary, peaceful school, and with his little girlfriend calming him down. There’d been circumstances where he hadn’t been so constrained, Georgia Lee had heard the stories, and she’d heard what’d happened to people who pissed him off, too.

“Everyone else on this list is fine, I’ll welcome them with open arms. But Ty… Fiyori, we can’t risk it.”

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