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"So you did piss off a lot of people."

The number of names on GLD's 'no-trust' list surpassed Fiyori's number by quite a bit, and yes, Fiyori was impressed. It was nothing she wouldn't have expected, of course. GLD was a massive cunt. So proud in all her accomplishements, not seeing how other people were turned away by her attitiude. Though maybe she did see, but simply chose not to care. Maybe GLD thought that her reputation wouldn't matter in the face of her academic successes.

She was wrong, of course. Not only due to their current predicament, but even if GLD went on her usual life. Fiyori would have lectured about how advancing in a career was all about relationships and networking and even the brightest mind could accomplish nothing if you pissed off everyone who could give you power. But that wasn't the topic at hand, of course. And it would accomplish nothing. Strange, Fiyori thought, how much she cared so much about GLD's disposition when Fiyori was so quick to proclaim all doing in this world to be for naught.

"I see we have some common ground. And, I'll be honest, as long as these other people on your list don't turn out to be huge jackasses, I'll be fine with trusting them as well."

She trusted GLD, so technically, Fiyori guessed, she could just as well gift her trust to everyone.
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