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Georgia Lee Day voiced approval of the plan, and the Fiyori approved the approval with a hearty snicker under her breath. However, she also commented that carving names into wood would also dull the scissors quite a bit. A valid point, and Fiyori started thinking about alternatives when GLD simply broke the scissors up and gave Fiyori one of the blades.

That would do just as well.

So Fiyori started leaning over the tables at her side, dusting away the dirt with a sweep of her arms. She thought, and considered. She grinned, and she carved.

Aiden Slattery
Ty Yazzie?
Alice Baker
Danny Brooks
Abby Floyd
Enzo Gatti

She stopped grinning. No, there was nothing she could smile about. All those names, all those people. It is so easy to say that she does not care about life. It is so easy to say that nothing matters because all dies. Seeing those names, knowing that all of these people are fated to die, and at best one of them may live on. No, that was too much. She couldn't grin anymore.

GLD ; )

But she did so anyway. A chuckle escaped Fiyori at her own joke. It wasn't forced, and yet it felt so distant. As if it wasn't Fiyori that just laughed.

Fiyori thought some more, and carved some others names in. She wasn't sure if these were actually readable. She glanced over to GLD's work, and although she couldn't see exactly what she wrote down, Fiyori could see that the names she used were shorter. She probably didn't know their surnames. Or maybe not even their given names. At least, that was what Fiyori speculated. She returned to her own list, and thought about who she would without doubt distrust.

Darius van Dyick

She wanted to write 'everyone who has a gun and is not on the upper list' but that was a very long sentence and she couldn't bother to do that. She glanced over to Georgia Lee's. The letters were big, and the bright wood stood out from the dark surface, so she could see them as long as she focused and was close enough. And for some reason, she was very impressed.
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