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A silence seemed to stretch between them. Georgia Lee rubbed her temples, then slid her hands back, drawing her hair out of her face. Fiyori was looking at her hungrily, but no more hungry than usual, Georgia Lee thought. As for herself, she was looking… she didn’t know. Tired, probably? She tried to remember if there’d been anything reflective in the kitchen.

It was a good plan, but it wasn’t wise to tell Fiyori that. If Fiyori started thinking that she could make good plans, she might start wondering what she needed Georgia Lee around for, and that wasn’t a road that Georgia Lee wanted to go down. No, she needed to find fault.

“…The scissors will get blunt,” she said, finally.

She thought for a moment more, as the girls sat in silence. Then, Georgia Lee took the pair of scissors from Fiyori’s hand and placed them with one handle on the side of the table, and the other hanging off of it. She brought the heel of her hand down on the overlapping handle, hard, and the screw holding them together came partially out. She hit it again and the blades of the scissors came apart.

Georgia Lee handed one back to Fiyori.

“Here. This way only one pair will be ruined.”

With the other blade in hand, Georgia Lee looked down at the table in front of her, and thought about who she trusted.

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