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And just like that, they were gone. After all of that, they were gone. Jonathan wanted to go after them. He wanted to tell them to stay. Barry wanted to stay here, figure things out. There's nothing here. It's an asylum, a prison, a tomb. There was nothing here but darkness, more darkness, and even more damn darkness. They couldn't just wait here to die!

"But what about them? We can't just let them get theirselves killed!"

Calm down Jonathan. Barry saved you. Barry and Tina. You owe them. Barry was right. It sucked, but they didn't know what was out there at all. They don't even know what's in here, or how big this place is.

Jonathan apologized, he had to calm down, he can't start snapping at people this early, let alone the people who helped him out.

"I'm sorry, I just- I don't think we should be splitting up like this."

They needed to do something, anything. But what could they do? At this point, Jonathan realized just how lost he was.

Jonathan wanted to help everyone he could, he wanted to find his friends, he wanted... He wanted to live, but he had no idea how. He had no idea how to find anyone, had no idea how to help anyone, had no idea how to escape. He couldn't even get out of where he woke up in.

No, don't lose hope, don't give up. Listen to Barry, and just try to reason out something, a plan, anything.

"What's the plan, w-what should we do?"

They had to do something. There was no point pacing in circles waiting for the inevitable. That same inevitable would only be inevitable if they do nothing.
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