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At first it looked like it had no effect on Al, Serena was about to kick him again when he started getting up on his feet. He looked groggy and his eyes were red from crying, a far cry from the Al she knew back home. He looked around and asked where they were.

"In the library." She held out the map to him and pointed at it. "It says on the map it's on the left side, but I'm not sure this is it." He had stopped looking around as she was talking and now was looking at the floor. He was still having difficulties dealing with all of this which she was fine with, people cope in different ways, but if he tried to go back to lying down, Serena would drag him out if she had to.

She was about to ask Al if he wanted to give her plan a shot now that he has seemingly decided to not give up, when she heard something that sounded like a bell.

"You hear that?" She saw on the map that there was a bell tower on the island, but why would anyone ring it?



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