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Jerry handed him the broom. Michael got straight to work.

They were going to make it; at least they are in the early game. Michael summed up their weapons. Two table legs, a shock knife, an axe, and a spear. Nobody who wanted to live would come at them, unless they were really well armed. If someone had a gun, and Michael knew damn well people would, they wouldn't be too scared of them unless Mike and Jerry managed to close the distance quickly. If the gun was semi-automatic, or even bolt action, they'd be screwed if they missed their first shot, and even if they didn't the one not hit would close the distance and utterly facefuck them. Twenty foot rule. A man could close in on someone within 20 feet if they weren't expecting it, and it's turned down to 8 feet if they are expecting it. If they were quick to close the distance, they could down a gunman before he even had drawn.

But there was another problem, if the gun was automatic, a spray and pray could end them both right then and there. No 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts'. You'd be so full of wholes you would be dead before you could even say 'Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto". You might not even be able to finish the "Domo Arigato" part. The only way to beat a machine gun killer would be to catch them off guard. Gang and gank 'em before they knew what happened. If they got a hold of a gun like that, that'd cement their chances to even higher. Maybe even a week.

But there was another problem. Who knew if Jerry would be willing to stick with Michael for the duration of this fucked up show? Hell, Michael couldn't even promise to stick with him, his plan was to find Jonathan, or Darius, or Bradley or some shit. And for all Michael knows, Jerry had similar plans. Even if both of them found their friends and stayed in one large group it just wouldn't work. Too many incompatibilities.

It'd probably be better on Michael's conscious to help Jerry find his crew, before he left to find his own, but what if during the time it took his friends died? If by any chance taking the route Jerry told him when the other one would've led him to his friends. Would Michael be bitter? Would he blame Jerry for causing the deaths of his closest ones? Especially if he could help them had he gone another route. But then would be be able to live with himself if he found his crew and left Jerry on his own. What if Jerry died alone shortly after?

Michael turned the broom and began shaving the next side down with his axe.

Would Jerry even stick with him for that long? There's a chance one of them could be killed before ever reaching anyone's goal. Someone well armed enough to take them on, paranoia, fuck something as simple as saying the wrong thing could start fight to the death now. Might as well speak up about it now. Had to get priorities straight. Have to make sure there is a sense of loyalty in the first place.

"Yo, Jerry, if shit hits the fan and we get attacked..." Just drop the question."Like you gotta fight someone, no running or anything.." No pussyfooting around. "If I had to kill,-I mean we had to, like..."

Man just nut up and say it.

"If we had to kill someone, would you back me up?"

Michael stared at Jerry through his dark sunglasses.
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