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He'd done shoots with Nadia before, out here in the desert and around Kingman's streets, but never washed in the light like this and never with his eyes closed. He could feel it shining through his eyelids, turning the darkness a white not painful yet still irritatingly bright enough to make him grimace just a little. Nadia's voice and hands were his guide, as she instructed and positioned him, and his hand squeezed hers lightly when she took it. How kind of her to only want to take one picture, so he wouldn't strain his eyes.

That meant only one chance to get it right, though. One chance not to fuck up Nadia's moment. He'd worked under pressure every single time he stepped onto a wrestling mat, of course, but winning a match was less daunting a thing than having one and only one shot at his girlfriend's picture being perfect. His muscles tensed up and his breathing slowed as if he didn't dare so much as twitch while he waited for her command. Eyes remained squeezed shut through her test photo and onwards in the face of his headlights while he remained grateful the high beams weren't on.

Seconds passed like hours, while Roderick's mind conjured an imaginary referee's whistle to signal a match. It was the same tense wait. Not fear, but being a little anxious, ready to hit the ground running as soon as you heard things start off, that was good.





Roderick flung his eyes open and spears made of photons immediately stabbed through both of them and his world was bright white while he fought down the urge to blink or recoil or look startled. Dignity, always remember dignity. There was a flash somewhere in the white, and he felt Nadia relax, so he closed his eyes again and turned away to massage them with thumb and forefinger, willing the dots dancing around in the darkness to go away.

One blink, two blink, red blink, blue blink. Nothing he couldn't handle, it wasn't the nervousness and slight camera shyness of Nadia's very first shoots with him, but those few seconds had not been comfortable. He stepped away from the headlights' piercing gaze as Nadia said she was going to check the picture out and prayed he hadn't messed it up.

When normal vision returned, he looked back to the car and his eyes followed her, tracing over her curves and lingering on her backside as she fiddled with her camera. He gave her a few moments to look things over with her trained eyes, then trotted over with hands in pockets, trying to peek past her shoulder.

"How'd it look?"
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