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Okay, we got no luck for the bottle, maybe they were empty or moldy. However, they were still bottles, made of glass and sharp when broken, made a lot of sound when thrown and smashed. Though since they lack the precious liquid, Michael didn't take them. They were still useful, he felt like speaking up but Michael still had a fucking axe and he didn't want to be the reason why that he went around cutting people, starting by Jerry. Maybe he should do that later.

They still lack of guns but they found other things that could be considered weapons like a soon-to-be spear and a table leg. He thought about killing someone with one of those thing and it wasn't enjoyable. With a gun at least, it was from far away, you pressed on a trigger then you're done. The person is dead and you're alive.

But with a stick, you'd have to get close, poke someone with it and chances are you wouldn't be done. You'd have to do it a lot of times, repeatedly until their last breath leave their body. You'd have to get bloody, so bloody. Your clothes would be soaked, you'd be covered in dry blood, you'd have some in your mouth. He wasn't ready to do such thing, if he was to play the game, he'd have to wait. Until somebody tries to kill him or while protecting someone, that'd make him a hero, a savior even.

Yes, that'd make him a nice person. Not a killer, not a murderer, not a villain, not a psychopath, not a-

Stop thinking, get to work. He had to figure what was so shocking about his knife and he had to make his broomstick pointy and deadly.

"Okay, so I'd go get the broomstick and the package I've dropped along the way."

He went back into the janitor's closet, founding a trail of compacted packs to it. One, two, and three tissues plastic wrappers left behind. He squeezed them under his elbow and he grabbed the broomstick.

When he went back into the main room, he found Michael still in the same position.

"Okay so here's the broom," he handed it over and he said, "I found some leftovers, I'll go make two piles."

Figuring that knife out would be for another moment.
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