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Another student was walking in Lili's direction. She tensed up, holding her nightstick more firmly. She stopped singing to herself, moving over to the other side of the bridge, sizing up the other traveler. They carried with them a large shield that they dragged on the floor, making a scraping sound as they went, and over their other arm they carried their bags. No apparent weapon at a first glance, but Lili didn't want to make any dangerous assumptions. The girl's face wasn't familiar to Lili in the slightest, and she couldn't remember speaking with her before in the future. Strangers like this were the biggest unknown on Spiderland besides the island itself. You never know what they'd spring on you.

A smirk was spread across her lips, a pleasant neutral smile, a default mask with no meaning. Lili returned the grin, trying to appear as pleasant as possible. Internally, she had wished that she had run into someone she had known a bit better, someone she could stop and talk to, but with a stranger there wasn't any obligation to stick around for them. Lili had always taken something of a passive stance in the social scene at Cochise, and when it came to people she didn't know here at Spiderland, she intended on taking something of the same policy.

"Morning," Lili said, greeting the other girl as they passed each other. Something innocuous, something polite, any semblance of normal interaction to hold onto. Familiar ground.

Then, the bell rang.

A golden, resonating sound enveloped Lili's ears from behind. Lili turned to see the bell in the bell tower slightly rocking back and forth, sending forth its tone across the whole of Spiderland. Lili froze in her tracks. Had Eye-patch decided to ring the bell? No, from what Lili knew of her, that didn't sound like something she would do. She was more cautious than Lili. She had pointed a gun in her face. She was a scared, dangerous stranger herself, not the kind to usher in the chimes that she now heard.

But if she hadn't rang the bell, who had? Someone far less cautious, that much Lili knew. Was it a group of people all together, or just one person by themselves? Were they trying to assemble people around them, or were they ringing the bell for the hell of it? Either way, Lili had just came from that direction, and she didn't really feel like going back just to check what had happened. After the bell had finished ringing, an odd, awkward quiet filled the bridge. The water below, rippling and tumbling in the waves, seemed quieter than before. The wind felt much lighter, as if it had died down. The sheer force of the bell being rung had made every other sensation feel small and insignificant in comparison.

Lili turned back to face the other girl, curious to see their reaction to the odd noise. "Well," Lili said, hoping to fill the void left by the bell, "That sure was something."
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