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If Ben hadn’t known. Well, now he did. Shit. Looked like Jerry was working himself up, no cardio. Looked every inch the Aspie he was when he tried to get all infuriated. Swerved straight into the excuses. Dude, what was the point? What had happened to sticks and stones? But if Ben lost control of the situation it wouldn’t be just his bones to worry about. He could see the fist clenched around the knife. Way too much detail in the creases.

Should have listened to Webber, all those times the best she could offer Ben on his essays was points for effort. Words failed Ben. But they were all the weapons he had now, because Jerry had stepped on the rest. Crushed each individual one down to the husk. Ben knew what was at stake, at least he thought he had the odds all neat in his non-existent breast pocket. Plan hadn’t worked, so what? Name a fucking plan that survived contact with the enemy.

Jerry Fury. An enemy. If nothing else had impressed on Ben the danger that was a life in Survival of the Fittest…

But all the same, feet stayed planted soles into earth. Jerry got closer. Ben held his ground. But not without that now all-too familiar tightness of the chest, adrenaline’s unheeded warning cries. Some of the tension worked itself out by way of excess decibels.

“‘Dirty work’? The fuck do you think you’re gonna get up to, dude? Whatever you think you’re pulling, you’re not. Whatever the terrorists tried to get into our heads, whoever makes it off this island is dead all the same. We’re Cochise, man. Sinkhole that our school is, don’t let those terrorist dudes show you up! You’re a good man, an honest man. Don’t fucking throw that away.”

Shit, Jerry was way too close now. But if Ben had to stand point until he had to make up the difference in inches with his chin...

Qui audet adipiscitur.

Or however you were supposed to pronounce that shit.
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