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Raina’s face was a picture of motherly disappointment, which all in all wasn’t bad, Johnny thought. To be disappointed in someone you needed to’ve expected more of them, and the fact that Raina expected anything of him was a positive, as far as he was concerned.

He pocketed the pack with a shrug, then turned back to the girl in the doorway.

“So not that Raina like, y’know, needs a man to validate her opinion or whatever, but she’s right. About everything.”

Johnny gave the girl a little smile, hoping he looked reassuring.

“It’s not great, obviously, but we’re not fucked yet, yeah? We’ve got options. We’ve got, y’know, resources, like she said. Shit, I haven’t even checked my bag yet, right? Maybe there’s a fuckin’… jetski or something in there, yeah? We don’t know.”

The girl was frowning, and Johnny sensed he was losing her. He needed to refocus.

“Look, Raina’s right that we’ll think of something, ‘cause that’s just what people do, yeah? She’s right that we shouldn’t be wasting shit, ‘cause like, obviously, right? And she’s right about getting the fuck outta here.”

He waved an arm expansively, indicating the wet, puddled floor; the creepy baths filled with their ancient water (and who knew just what the fuck the water was filled with); the dark, oppressive atmosphere of the room. Johnny hated the damp. He was a child of the desert, and even the swimming pool changing rooms he hadn’t liked. This? This room was a fucking nightmare.

“Look at the fucking place. I mean if you’re so fucking doom and gloom, what you’re saying to me is that this is the place you wanna die, right? In here? I mean we’re not gonna die, obviously, we got this, but like…”

The thread of the conversation was getting away from him again. Focus, Johnny.

“This places sucks some donkey dick, okay? Fat old hairy donkey dick. Fuck this place, let’s go be somewhere else.”

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