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Oskar hurriedly gave himself a once over as the voice he now identified as Jane’s replied to his declaration. She wasn’t a particularly close friend of his – though there were few who shared that title, in all honesty, as it required a degree of openness from him that he could rarely afford. Regardless, he was just happy that he’d soon have some company and with it, a distraction from his thoughts.

But before she could make her way to him, an ungodly shriek blasted through the air. His entire body tensed, goosebumps suddenly flaring upon his skin, and he instinctively threw his daisy chain to the side in favour of clutching his bag to him. His heart almost sank as he recognised the other girl’s voice. Caedyn Miller: a girl who stuck him as such a wildcard – who knew what would happen with her around?

He pricked an ear to listen in on Jane’s discussion with Caedyn, resisting the urge to wince at what she said. Coaxing someone to get up off the ground who’d literally just screamed to be left alone didn’t seem like the wisest choice in the world to Oskar, especially in a death game like this. He was glad he was still a ways away from the potentially volatile combination, but couldn’t help but feel a little dejected that nobody had gone to him first. He found himself caught in a precarious position – stay where he was for who knew how long, or venture right into a situation he’d just identified as a dangerous one.

So he went back to threading his daisies together, trying to push the feelings of loneliness out of his mind.
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