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What had it been, like an hour or two since she'd woken up?

Kaitlyn Greene didn't stay in one place too long.



...Space aliens, man.

Kaitlyn had woken up somewhere; she didn't know the exact spot. Even scrunching her face, looking at the map while she sat around, her waking place wasn't somewhere notable. It was just on the ground, somewhere she guessed was near the northeast shore. So she woke up. She sat. She got up and started to stretch her legs a bit and then she went.

Aliens. Coming outta nowhere a whole fleet of them suddenly land in front of you and say "Take me to your leader". Or maybe they suddenly start to fucking breakdance. Doesn't matter. Doesn't even need to be aliens. Could be a zombie invasion or something. The point is that it's completely out of not just your expectations of life, but your entire expectations of reality and human existence, and because of that, you have no damn idea how you're gonna react to it. Even if you like zombie stuff, like Kaitlyn sometimes did, she loved Walking Dead and all and thought sometimes hey a zombie apocalypse might be fun, but if you're actually faced with it?

Ah ha ha. Piss off with what you THINK you might do and how you imagine you'll act in your dumb fantasy. Cause you don't know.

So Kaitlyn took a walk, and saw the bridge, and knew where she was on the map. And knew that there was no way she wasn't gonna walk straight down the middle of this bridge right now. There was even some big shield right near the start of it. Bonus. She hefted it up and started lugging it along, and realized straight away that she wasn't gonna be able to carry this thing forever. Ah well. For now, at least.

And as she was walking down the middle of the bridge, shield in one hand dragging along the ground and her bags slung over her shoulder with the other hand, she saw someone else coming in the other direction. Should've expected that. She couldn't tell who it was yet. OK then.

She just continued to walk. A half-smile played on her lips.

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