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Aiden could feel his heart shrinking in his chest, like someone had put it into a vise, all the goddamn way. Goddamn it, had been obvious that Scarlett was feeling down and glum and all, but shit, this was just so freakin' hard to watch. Even though he didn't know her that well, no bff level or anything, it still was just depressing seeing that usually so cheerful lass like this, so it was. Had been a real long time since he had last seen a girl hitting rock bottom like this, and this time, it was even kinda his fault.

He remembered Sharon, how she had broken down crying that one afternoon, only time in his life he had ever seen her cry. Back then, he had gone with his instincts, try and make her pain fly away, make that smile return to her face. He had hugged her and it had worked. Hugging always solved things. Sort of. It made things better. Yeah, Scarley wasn't his sis, already had gone over that earlier. Still, she was all down and needed some help, clear as crystal. Had to go for it.

Aiden hesitated for a second, reached out to her, then retracted his arm. What was he, some sorta cowardly ass prick? No, he was going to make this right. Show Scarlett she had nothing to worry about. He owed her. Carefully, he stepped closer to her, then laid his right hand on her shoulder, left one followed suit. Yeah, he was smaller than her, didn't matter. Didn't mean he couldn't make her feel safe. "Hey, look. Scarley..."

He pondered whether or not to do it for a sec, then exhaled and went in for it, hugging her from behind, carefully. Didn't want to get in too close, make her feel uncomfortable, so he made sure there was still some distance between their lower body parts. This had to work, it always did.

"Look, I see why you're like this, okay? I'm really goddamn sorry for making you feel worse and all, really, I'm like, so so sorry. But like...it will be alright, yeah? Please trust me."

He struggled to go on for a second. Already had told her that several times now, said it was all a sham, a hoax, a really bad fucking joke. She was still like this. Didn't believe him, so it seemed. He just had to calm her down for the moment, get them out of there and then she would have to see he was right, that there was no danger, nothing, nada. That it was all fake. The collars, Graham dying, even this pseudo abandoned wreck of a place. Why couldn't she believe him? It was so obvious. It had to be.

"Please, we're getting out of here, okay? I'll get you out of here, everybody else will be there too. We'll all drive outta this hellhole together and go back home and try to forget any of this ever happened, okay? Just please, don't cry, like, please. I don't know what else to say, like."

Goddamn it. Now he was getting all sentimental too. From zero to full blown emotional, tissues needed and stuff. Damn, just damn.

"It's not real, yeah? It's not. It's not."
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