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As Jasper handed back the paintball gun to Arthur, Henry asked if Arthur had any ammo inside. "Yes," Arthur answered, "I checked it over earlier, when I woke up." Henry went on to explain that the two planned on staying around the docks for a little while longer, and that they were looking for materials to make a fishing rod. Arthur was a little concerned that Henry was still thinking about fishing, but otherwise had no practical objections. If they could catch and cook fish, it'd taste a lot better than the protein bar he had earlier.

Jasper pointed at the storehouse building in the distance, Arthur turned and looked in its direction. He hadn't done much in the way of studying it before, but now that he looked at the building he noticed that perched on top was a run down helicopter. Though the presence of a helicopter pad on the map was clear to him, he doubted that the people who brought him here would leave such an obvious means of escape, if not for a trap. The other two hadn't mentioned it yet, though, so Arthur kept from mentioning it either.

"I mean, it's worth a shot," Arthur replied, "It's a pretty big building." Arthur was pretty sure that finding twine somewhere inside the warehouse was likely, and sticks would be easy enough to gather outside. What worried him about the warehouse was the presence of his classmates. Some would be playing, he figured, and even though there were three of them together, Arthur knew that there were stronger students out there too, with weapons more lethal than anything he had yet seen. That these two were the type more likely to throw weapons away rather than put them to use only worried Arthur further.

But he wasn't going to let the two of them go in there alone. If he did that, he wouldn't be able to sleep at night. These weren't just random people he was stranded with, these were his classmates, and two of them that he liked, for that matter.

"What do you guys think?" He asked, "Ready to head over there?"
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