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Wayne wasn't feeling like drawing lines at the moment.

The whole situation made him uneasy. No matter how they greeted him, it felt wrong. He half-expected that in another instant, they would see right through him, and their expressions would turn to anger and disgust as they realized what he had done.

Alex and the junior acted so casual, and Asha so... cheery. Perhaps he really had been the only one to lose his mind, while everyone else discussed the situation like reasonable, decent people.

Perhaps not. As he let his shoulders tense and untense, lowering his hands, his eyes caught on the sword on Alex's back. Two weapons. Not one. Somewhere out there, someone was weaponless. Somewhere out there, someone might be dead.

"I'll keep my distance," Wayne said, forcing his reluctant feet forward. "Hey yourself, Asha. Afraid that's a no on the refreshments unless you're looking to split a ration bar as a delicacy."

Refreshments. Seventeen ration bars and five bottles of water. Ten plus seven and four plus one to calculate the weight of his guilt; Asha, all smiles, venturing too close to the truth.

"Were you three just talking?"
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