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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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(Abby Floyd Is Doing Things I Guess)


He was with her before they fell asleep. They had been talking about...Lord, her head was fuzzy, but she remembered her heart jumping a little, taking his hand, smiling...

Abby was known for being relentlessly positive. Most people seemed to figure she saw the best in everyone, and mistook that for assuming goodness. If you asked her if she thought people who knew each other for so much of their lives, who lived with each other, some of whom even loved each other...if you asked her if those people could hurt each other, you'd probably expect her to say no. That just didn't seem to fit into the upbeat way she looked at the world.

What do you mean you don't want to involve yourselves?

Abby knew better than that. She firmly believed that the world was a beautiful, wonderful place. She also knew that people did terrible things every day, and she'd seen firsthand that they didn't just do them to strangers. She was well aware that her acquaintances, and even her friends, could do horrible, unthinkable things to her and everyone else they knew given the wrong motivations and the wrong mindset.

She still wouldn't run from anyone who needed her.

That brought her running to the sound of Cristo's voice after she came to. She needed a friendly face to calm her nerves, and she had a feeling he did too. When she turned the shelf and saw him across from her, tears welled up with her relieved grin. "Cristo!" Thank you Jesus, he looked fine. Not well, but fine. Given the circumstances, that was all she could reasonably pray for.
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